Virtual Systems Accountant


Our customers have many competing priorities and the set-up of a dedicated

in-house Unit4 Financials Support and Maintenance operation may not be the most cost effective solution.

To meet demand for outsourced operations and support, we established Virtual Systems Accountant to provide various flexible options in line with individual client requirements.

Virtual Systems Accountant complements your current Unit4 Financials support & maintenance agreement by giving you access to accounting and technical experts who can answer your “How to” and Set-up/configuration questions.

Using a state of the art ticketed support management system, with client portal access, full SLA monitoring and issue escalation features, your Virtual Systems Accountant can be on the end of a phone or an email, or they can use remote dial-in, to assist you on your own system in a matter of minutes.

Supported software includes:

Unit4 Financials (previously known as Coda Financials), Purchase Order Processing & Invoice Matching (POP/PIM), v14 Billing (and legacy Ebilling), Unit4 Travel & Expenses (T&E), Prevero, Financial Performance Management (FPM) (previously known as Ocra), Unit4XL (CodaXL), Workflow, Fixed Assets, RAMS (retail), Flexi-Fields, Analyser, Coda Audit, AutoCash and Theia

Supporting You

9 hours a day, 5 days a week wherever you are in the world, from an approved Unit4 consulting partner (weekend support also available by arrangement).


Free up your key resources, reduce risk and keep up to date with change.

Application advice on “Best Practice” set-up, provided by accredited Unit4 Financials Applications Support Staff each with over 15 years experience.

Support based on the proven knowledge of our consulting team, who have been working in all the main industry sectors that typically use Unit4 Financials, including; Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Media, Manufacturing, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Government & Education.


Advice on “Best Practice” accounting set-up, provided by our qualified Applications Support Consultants.

Each Consultant has accounting qualifications and a minimum of 15 years experience working with Unit4 Financials.


Reduce reliance on key internal staff by augmenting the administrative capability of your team with our range of application management services.

A dedicated Virtual Systems Accountant is allocated to help address ongoing application changes, mitigating the need to hire additional staff.

At busy times such as the month end or during staff holidays, sickness leave or maternity, our team are at hand to take over and assist with tasks, including master file maintenance, adding or deleting users, setting user permissions, maintaining workflow, etc. They can also schedule regular tasks such as archiving or running the year end.


The Virtual Systems Accountant Technical Support Consultants have each worked with Unit4 Financials for over 15 years and will assist you with performance, efficiency, security, and help resolve any technical problems..

Technical Support may include: Database and application server performance, RDBMS update review, Operating system environment error checking, Coda service packs and patches check, Database maintenance check, Database local disk backup check, Web servers check, Core client configuration check, Reporting server check, License audit, etc.


Remote support can be provided using your VPN access or by WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teamviewer, Skype, PowWowNow or Zoho


Virtual System Accountant's expert Technical Unit4 Financials Consultants can monitor and maintain your system so you don’t have to.

Systems Maintenance may include: System monitoring, Log maintenance, Link table truncation, Back-up LIVE and Refresh to TEST, Service packs installs, Database indexing, run fix-check and client configuration.


One-on-one or small group (up to 5 people) user training can be provided for any Unit4 Financials product, on-line as part of your support agreement.

Virtual Systems Accountant for training will increase the knowledge of your team, raising productivity and decreasing the level of support required.

Whether the training you require is applications or technical, or for new staff/beginner, intermediate or advance, or simply for something you do not know; just raise a training request via a support ticket and one of our team will contact you to arrange an agenda and a convenient time for the training.

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